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Grant County law enforcement release Sasquatch festival statistics

While the music was bustling this year at the annual Sasquatch Festival in Grant County, undercover detectives were busy investigating drug-related incidents. Detectives with the Inter-agency Narcotics Enforcement Team say it was a larger than average year for drug investigations at the music festival.

During the weekend, seven adults were arrested for drug-related incidents. In a list of statistics from the enforcement team, there were 25 felony charges. They say the majority of those charges were possession with intent and delivery of a controlled substance including marijuana, cocaine, mushrooms, LSD, meth, ecstasy and ketamine.

Here’s the full list of stats:

$27,133: Cash Seized

25: Felony Charges

7: Arrests

7: Search Warrants (3 Vehicles & 4 Tents)

2: Vehicles Seized

It's A Family Thing: Wife Of WSP Trooper Helps Nab Suspected Thieves

Hunting down thieves became a family thing on Saturday in Royal City. Think of The Incredibles, but without the super powers. It's just bad to the bone crimefighting and nabbing the bad guys.

Over the weekend, the wife of a Washington State Patrol trooper called in suspicious activity near Royal City. She noticed two people loading aluminum irrigation pipe into a pickup truck near County Road 10-Southeast and State Route 262. She had a bad feeling, so she called her husband who was on duty nearby. He went to check it out and held the two people until a Grant County Sheriff's deputy came and arrested the two.  In the back of the truck was $300 dollars worth of stolen pipe that belonged to Zirkle Fruit.

44 year old Rosanne Martinez and 44 year old Damian Salmeron Arellano, both of Royal City, were arrested for 3rd degree theft, mischief. The deputy found meth on Martinez and Salmeron Arellano is an illegal alien, so U.S. Border Patrol was called.

Neighbor Tip Leads to Pot Bust Near School

Neighbors suspecting illegal activity tipped off deputies to a drug house in the Larson housing area north of Moses Lake. Thursday night, deputies raided the home less than 700 feet from North Elementary School.

Deputies from Grant County's Interagency Narcotics Enforcement Team hit the home at 1230 Arlington Drive around 9:45 Thursday night. INET seized 147 grams of marijuana, including 16 grams portioned and packaged in sandwich bags.

Detectives arrested Jake Avery Allen, 23, and Sabrina M. Pool, 27. They were arrested on suspicion of possession of marijuana with intent to deliver in a school zone. Allen was booked into the jail; Pool was released so she could care for her children.

“We really appreciate and encourage the public to let us know when they think something is not right in their neighborhood,” said Sheriff Tom Jones. “In this case, INET was able to stop a suspected drug house near a school, and I applaud them for their work.”

Man arrested while trying to break into Smoke Shack

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A man was arrested for trying to break into a business north of Moses Lake Tuesday morning.

Grant County Sheriff's Deputies received a call for a burglar alarm at Smoke Shack, located at 4795 Stratford Road NE. Deputies arrived to find Anthony Walker, 19, allegedly prying open the door to the business with a large screwdriver. Deputies say Walker struggled during the arrest.

Cockfighting Operation Discovered at Royal City Suicide Scene

Grant County Deputies are investigating a man’s death and the discovery of a suspected cockfighting operation at the same location in the 6800 block of Frenchman Hills Road West in the Royal City area.

A caller reported a man had shot himself at around 12:30 p.m. Saturday.  When deputies arrived on the scene, they found a 24-year-old man with a gunshot wound to the head.

He was flown to Kadlec Medical Center in Richland, where he was pronounced dead.  The Benton County Coroner will determine cause and manner of death, and confirm the man’s identity.  Early information suggests the man committed suicide.

Deputies discovered evidence of a suspected cockfighting operation at the scene, collecting cockfighting knives, roosters physically altered for cockfighting, drug paraphernalia and firearms while serving a search warrant Sunday morning..

Man Dies of Suspected Drug Overdose in Rural Moses Lake

Grant County detectives are investigating the death of a man from a suspected drug overdose over the weekend on 10800 block of County Road 6-Southeast in rural Moses Lake.

After receiving a 911 call at around 9:00 a.m. Saturday, authorities arrived and found a 38-year-old man inside the home unconscious and not breathing.  Attempts to revive him were not successful.  He died on the scene.

The man's remains are in the custody of the Grant County Coroner, who will determine cause and manner of death, as well as confirm the man’s identity.

Detectives found evidence in the home which suggested the man died of a drug overdose.  While serving a subsequent search warrant, they recovered drug paraphernalia and firearms.

Shooting victim's family plans to continue Quincy peace rallies

Last year’s gang-related shooting that killed Ramiro Muñoz, Jr. has not been forgotten by his family. His brother-in-law and wife who saw him die at the September family reunion are continuing their monthly peace marches to raise awareness of violence in their community.

The victim’s wife Raquel Muñoz says she wants to be heard: “The investigation is dragging, but I understand it’s a process.”

Muñoz’s husband, Ramiro, was shot and killed on Sept. 23 following an argument. A man came to the family reunion creating a scene with Muñoz’s brother, Roberto Alvarez. After being asked to leave, the man brought two men to the park where they fired shots and killed Ramiro.

Muñoz said her husband was trying to protect their children.

Both Ramiro and Alvarez had prior gang affiliation. Muñoz says everyone makes mistakes especially when they’re young. That includes her husband. He was affiliated with area gangs when he was 18-21-years-old. Ramiro was 40 when he was killed.