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Waspocalypse! How to protect your home against pests this summer

Waspocalypse! How to protect your home against pests this summer

A very nice looking forecast for the Memorial Day weekend but some uninvited guests could disrupt your party or picnic as yellow jackets are already showing up in record numbers.

Experts say there are an unprecedented number of yellow jacket queens flying around this spring and they threaten to breed clouds of offspring. If you don't like having your barbecue buzzed it's time to start your battle against yellow jackets now.

The people who put out their yellow jacket traps early this year are seeing some disturbing results.

Queens are emerging in record numbers after fattening up during a long and mild fall.

"Well the large number of queens that we're seeing right now kind of really adds up to a perfect storm for hornets and yellow jackets this summer," Stephanie Cates with Rescue Pest Products said.

Right now queens are looking for nesting spots. If they find a suitable throne in your yard, your trouble with yellow jackets will multiply.

"Each yellow jacket queen can represent 200 to 2000 yellow jackets later on this summer depending on the colony size," Alyssa Ando with Rescue Pest Products said.

Beware the swarm!

Beware the swarm!

Warmer temperatures next week are likely to wake up the area's first wave of yellow jackets, so here's what you need to know to help cut back their numbers before they invade your barbecue later this summer.

Right now it's only the queens that are coming out of hibernation and they're looking for a place to nest and start laying their eggs. If you can catch a queen with a trap now you can really cut back on the number of hornets you'll be battling in the warm weather ahead.

Late last summer a lot of us were at war with yellow jackets.

"They got up over the 90's and that allowed the yellow jacket nests to increase in size and then of course they got aggressive going after meat and food at your picnics," Stephanie Cates with Rescue Pest Control Products said.

As it turns out we could have cut down the number of these pesty party crashers if we had gone after the queen.

"They've been hibernating all winter, they're ready to emerge right now and start finding a new nest location," Cates said.

Save big bucks in online auction

Save big bucks in online auction

KXLY Radio is partnering with businesses across the Inland Northwest to bring you an online auction that you won't want to miss.  Here are just a few of the deals you'll find on the Bid on Spokane website.

  • A McCulloch 27" Snow Blower, retail value $799, with a starting bid of $180
  • A $100 Blush Beauty Bar gift certificate with a starting bid of $20
  • A Flexsteel Sofa, retail price $2,190, with a starting bid of $440.

There are more than 50 items to bid on, including furniture, sporting goods, and family entertainment.  You can see pictures, descriptions, and bid on the items on bidonespokane.com.  

The auction closes on March 31st, so take advantage while you can!

Bill assistance provided for Avista customers

Bill assistance provided for Avista customers

From Avista Utilities:

Winter has landed in the northwest and with it comes cold temperatures. The bitter temperatures alone can cause rising energy use and costs, but combined with the holiday season bringing visiting friends and family, more showers, cooking and other energy using activities, many customers will see higher utility bills in January. Knowing this, Avista wants to remind customers of the bill assistance tools available to help them.

Natural Material Home Takes Shape in Rimrock Meadows

Natural Material Home Takes Shape in Rimrock Meadows

An interesting structure is going up in Rimrock Meadows, just north of Ephrata. The new home is using natural building techniques and materials to create a small, ecofriendly residence.


“It's always been my dream,” Debbi Cornell says of the project that will soon be her new summer home. Cornell and her husband live on the west side of Washington and have always wanted a home like the one they are currently constructing in Rimrock.


Cornell teamed up with two students from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada to bring her dream to life. Marina Privorotsky is a recent graduate from the Environment and Development program and Dillon Stanger is studying Bio-resource Engineering.


Natural Living Show

Learning how to live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle has never been more easy.  This weekend, more than three dozen vendors will be on hand at the Natural Living Show to help you make better choices for your body, environment and our community.

The show will feature local cheese-makers and handmade soaps. And, if you ever wanted to have your own eggs fresh from your backyard there will be a workshop on urban chickens too.

Here are all the details:

 Saturday, October 13th

10 am-6 pm

Spokane Community College Lair

Admission is $7, although if you swing by Sun People Dry Goods located at 32 West 2nd Avenue, Suite 200 you can pick up FREE passes!

Local Entrepreneur Launches New Website

Local Entrepreneur Launches New Website

Every June, I dust off my cowboy boots, pair it with a polka dot sundress and hightail it to The Farm Chicks Antiques Show at the Spokane County Fairgrounds. For self proclaimed "junkers" the show is what Disneyland is to a 5 year old. Really, it's THAT exciting. Trust me.

In this crowd, a slight obsession for all things vintage and fabulous instantly bonds women from across the country. The show features refurbished antique furniture, beautiful, handcrafted home accessories and decor. The search for that perfect vintage piece is all part of the experience.

What started out in a barn in 2002 is now one of the largest show of its kind in the country. Serena Thompson, who lives on Green Bluff, is the entrepreneur responsible for creating the funky and oh. so. fabulous. weekend event.

Thompson has also penned several cookbooks, is a contributing editor for Country Living Magazine, a wife and mom to four boys. Whew! She pretty much rocks.

And now she's getting ready to launch her latest venture, a website called My Favorite Find. I recently had the opportunity to ask Thompson a few questions about her latest project.

AB: Tell me about your latest project My Favorite Find. How did you come up with the idea?

ST: I'd been receiving a lot of mail from all over the world, from readers asking how they could find great events similar to mine or shoppes in their area and from others who were hosting these events and running these shoppes, wondering how they could promote them. I soon realized there wasn't anything for them out there and decided that I'd just create it myself. And My Favorite Find was born.