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23-year-old dies in ATV accident in Grant County

A 23-year-old man from Auburn, Washington, has died from injuries received during an all-terrain vehicle accident near Soap Lake in Grant County.

The Grant County sheriff's office reports Collin D. Murdock was the passenger in a ATV being driven Friday on private property about seven miles east of Soap Lake. The vehicle hit a skid and Murdock apparently jumped off and hit his head on irrigation equipment.

KPQ Radio reports Murdock's friends drove him to Columbia Basin Hospital in Ephrata where he died Friday evening.

The driver of the ATV, 24-year-old Matthew J. Giandalia of Kent, suffered minor injuries. He was treated and released from Columbia Basin Hospital. Neither Giandalia nor Murdock was wearing a helmet.

Pilot killed in Banks Lake plane crash

The pilot of a float plane was killed when his aircraft failed to take off and nosed over into Banks Lake Saturday.

According to witnesses at the scene, the aircraft was a float plane attempting to take off from Banks Lake but never gained altitude and nosed over into the water.

Witnesses report that some individuals at the scene cut the pilot out of the plane, but he had been underwater for approximately six to seven minutes and had died before they were able to reach him. The aircraft sank into the lake within 20 minutes.

The pilot was the only person on board the aircraft at the time of the mishap, according to witnesses.

Deputies from the Grant County Sheriff's Office along with local police from the Grand Coulee Dam area are on the scene.

Moses Lake man gets 18 years for manslaughter

A 30-year-old Moses Lake man who killed a man he thought had molested his daughter was sentenced to 18 years in prison.

Adrian Rodriguez had been charged with murder in the 2012 shooting of Tracy Fullbright but pleaded guilty to manslaughter in a deal with Grant County prosecutors.

The website iFIBER One News reports Rodriguez has 11 prior felony convictions.

GCSO offering boating education courses

GCSO offering boating education courses

From the Grant County Sheriff’s Office:

The Grant County Sheriff’s Office will be offering two Boating Education Courses in June.

1) Mon. June 2 and Tues. June 3, from 3:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. each day at the Quincy Jr. High Library. (Must attend both days).

Waspocalypse! How to protect your home against pests this summer

Waspocalypse! How to protect your home against pests this summer

A very nice looking forecast for the Memorial Day weekend but some uninvited guests could disrupt your party or picnic as yellow jackets are already showing up in record numbers.

Experts say there are an unprecedented number of yellow jacket queens flying around this spring and they threaten to breed clouds of offspring. If you don't like having your barbecue buzzed it's time to start your battle against yellow jackets now.

The people who put out their yellow jacket traps early this year are seeing some disturbing results.

Queens are emerging in record numbers after fattening up during a long and mild fall.

"Well the large number of queens that we're seeing right now kind of really adds up to a perfect storm for hornets and yellow jackets this summer," Stephanie Cates with Rescue Pest Products said.

Right now queens are looking for nesting spots. If they find a suitable throne in your yard, your trouble with yellow jackets will multiply.

"Each yellow jacket queen can represent 200 to 2000 yellow jackets later on this summer depending on the colony size," Alyssa Ando with Rescue Pest Products said.

Moses Lake parents convicted of mistreatment

A Moses Lake couple accused of starving their 2-year-old son were convicted Wednesday of criminal mistreatment.

Grant County prosecutors said Robert and Michelle Staats ignored advice and warnings and used herbal and homeopathic treatments for the boy who kept spitting up most of his food.

Judge Evan Sperline says the boy starved because the parents clung to an approach that wasn't working.

The website iFIBER One News reports the boy suffered a heart attack in May 2012. He's now 4 years old and suffers from brain damage.

He weighed less than 10 pounds when he was airlifted to a Spokane hospital.

How to protect yourself from the eBay data breach

How to protect yourself from the eBay data breach

If you use eBay, change your password. That's the message from the company after hackers broke into the online retail site and now have customer names, passwords, email addresses and other sensitive information.

The online marketplace says there is no evidence financial information was stolen, but if you are one of the 145 million people with an account on eBay... Some of your personal information, like your date of birth and address, could be in the hands of hackers, but there are things you can do to ward off hackers, according to Chelsea Maguire with the Better Business Bureau.

"It's very important that people change their passwords regularly, we often just get very used to it and we don't want to try to remember something new but when you do change your password regularly it reduces your risk of any hacker going through and find that information," Maguire said.

If you're changing your password, make it something difficult to thwart hackers.

"Simple numbers, your child's birth date, name, those are easily guessed and found, make sure it is very complicated, has uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols," Maguire said.