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Remember to keep your pets safe as weather warms | Pets

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Remember to keep your pets safe as weather warms
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Remember to keep your pets safe as weather warms

Spring is finally here and Summer is just around the corner, and with the onset of warm weather across the region Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service reminds us to keep our pets safe in the heat.

"Every summer, we respond to calls of animals being left in cars," says Nancy Hill, Director of SCRAPS. "Inside a car, the temperature will rapidly increase and can overwhelm a pet in a very short time period - sometimes with fatal consequences."

If you typically bring your dog or other pets along for the car ride consider leaving them home when temperatures rise. Dogs aren't able to sweat to cool themselves down so it doesn't take much for them to overheat. Cracking a window while you run into the store isn't enough to keep them healthy.

"The temperature outside doesn't have to be in the 90's or more for a problem to exist," says Hill, "On a 78 degree day, temperatures in a car parked in the shade can exceed 90 degrees, and hit a scorching 160 degree if parked in the sun."

If you live in Spokane County, leaving your dog in your car when its warm out could result in misdemeanor charges of confinement in an unsafe manner or even the felony charge of animal cruelty. Remember, if it's too hot for you to be in the car without the AC running then it's too hot for your pet. 

For more information on keeping your pets safe in warm weather contact your local animal shelter.

Pets, Weather

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