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Reyes Teased Before Wenatchee HS Drowning

Reyes Teased Before Wenatchee HS Drowning

A police report says the Wenatchee student who drowned in the high school pool missed the swimming assessment in the first week of class while sitting on bleachers.

The report notes that Antonio Reyes and three other boys who did not swim that day were teased. Reyes was kidded when he said he did not know how to swim.

The police report on the drowning was obtained by The Wenatchee World Monday after a public records request.

The school district is conducting its own investigation.

Reyes entered the water for the Nov. 17 class and was last seen treading water. The freshman was found on the bottom of the pool by a following class.

Odessa Teacher Earns Prestigious Award

Odessa Teacher Earns Prestigious Award

Odessa High School science teacher Jeffery Wehr was one of only three recipients in the nation to receive the Siemens Founders Award.  This award is given in recognition of an individual or school for encouraging students to participate in math, science or technology research programs and efforts to provide the necessary support consistent with Siemens Foundation mission of enhancing math and science in American high schools.

St. Rose School Auction Shatters Record

St. Rose School Auction Shatters Record

St. Rose of Lima Catholic School in Ephrata shattered its record for money raised at the 28th Annual Benefit Auction Saturday night.

I was honored to serve as the Master of Ceremonies. And having attended St. Rose from kindergarten through sixth grade, I was humbled by the amount of money raised for my old school.

St. Rose grossed $164,900 from the auction, which is roughly $70,000 more than it had ever grossed before.

The live auction raised over $100,000 alone. Another $31,500 was raised for Father Kerr's scholarship fund.

Schools across the nation to celebrate a month of walking to school

Schools across the nation to celebrate a month of walking to school

The weather is quickly cooling off from summer, so why not walk to school? Bundling up is as fun as a barrel of monkeys and creates character, right? Plus, when kids are older, they can literally say: “Back in my day, I walked to school up hill both ways and in the snow.”

October is International Walk to School Month which means participating schools and organizations will bring awareness to community issues like physical activity, clean air, pedestrian safety and family connections.

The group behind Walk to School Month started in 1997 as a way to bring together community leaders and kids to build awareness of walkable communities.

Grant County Students Encouraged To Walk To School

Parents in Grant County are encouraged to walk or bike with their children school in October. 

The effort is to promote physical activity among students, and reduce traffic congestion near schools.

Grant Elementary in Ephrata will celebrate Walk to Schoold day on October 5th.  The walk will begin at Ephrata Middle School at 7 a.m.

On October 20th, all three Quincy Elementary Schools will celebrate Walk to School day starting at 7:30 a.m.  

Mountain View will start the walk from the corner of 3rd and B Street NE.  Pioneer will walk from the corner of 1st and J Street SW.  Monument will start a few blocks away at the corner of 7th and J Street SW.

Back to School for Local Area Students

Back to School for Local Area Students

This year's Back-to-School is starting with two four-day school weeks for Grand Coulee Dam students.

It was back to school for more than 650 students at Grand Coulee Dam schools Tuesday.

School Testing In Washington State

School Testing In Washington State

Test results show Washington high school students do well in reading and writing on statewide tests but fall short in science.

Of this year's tenth graders, only about half are passing the science assessment.

81 percent passed the reading test on their first try and nearly 84 percent passed the writing test.

Results from math tests will be released in August.

The high school proficiency exam is one of four state requirements for graduation.