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Stolen gun recovered, returned after 32 years

Stolen gun recovered, returned after 32 years

A gun stolen 32 years ago on the other side of the state has finally been returned to it's owner after popping up on Craigslist.

On July 15, a Stevens County Reserve Deputy found the gun posted for sale in Medical Lake and was interested in buying it. However after he ran the serial number, he found the Smith & Wesson .38 caliber revolver had been stolen in Tacoma back in 1982.

Detective Dave Knechtel contacted the Tacoma Police Department and confirmed the revolver had been stolen during a burglary in 1982. He also contacted the Craigslist seller who says he purchased the revolver near Tacoma about six months ago and had no idea it was stolen.

Detective Knechtel was able to track down the original owner of the revolver who was extremely surprised it had been found and happy it was not used in a crime. The weapon has since been returned to him.

Why 2013 was actually the Year of the Cat

Why 2013 was actually the Year of the Cat

From WSU News:

The Chinese Year of the Snake ended in 2013, but judging by all the tail swishing it shaped up to be the Year of the Cat.


Consider what took place:

Illusionist attempts to break Houdini's record

Illusionist attempts to break Houdini's record

Illusionist Jay Owenhouse will attempt to become the fastest person to escape from a straightjacket while hanging upside down - a record of 90 seconds was set by Harry Houdini nearly one hundred years ago.

The event is happening at River Park Square on Saturday, September 21 at 2:00 p.m.

Mr. Owenhouse will bring his complete show to the INB Performing Arts Center on Saturday, September 28 at 4:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Official News Release from Jay Owenhouse:

Even though Harry Houdini died 87 years ago! He still holds the World Record for the Fastest Escape  From A Straight Jacket While Hanging Upside Down! The Record-90 Seconds!

Saturday 9/21 River Square Mall at 2:00pm-World Renown Illusionist and Escape Artist- Jay Owenhouse  will attempt for the first time to break Harry Houdini’s Record of  90 Seconds –With A little added motivation!

It's Called -The Jaws Of Death.. 1200lbs. Of Steel and Razor Sharp Teeth! The 10 inch razor sharp teeth inside the jaws are strategically positioned to puncture every Vital Organ in the Human Body! 

World's largest grill returns to Spokane Valley

World's largest grill returns to Spokane Valley

This weekend, crowds at Valleyfest can check out The Big Taste Grill - an enormous touring grill that cooks 750 brats in an hour.

On Saturday, September 21, the grill will be in action from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The following day, Sunday, September 22, you can check out The Big Taste grill from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Valleyfest is held at Mirabeau Parkway in the Spokane Valley

Ephrata boasts fastest internet in the country

Ephrata boasts fastest internet in the country

Typically, small towns tend to have limited internet access and slower internet speeds. That's not the case in Ephrata. In fact, the town of just over 7,000 boasts the fastest internet speeds in the country.


Technology blog Gizmodo recently analyzed internet speed data from across the country to determine where people enjoyed the fastest and slowest internet speeds. Ephrata residents enjoy an average speeds of 85.5 Mbps, which is 60 percent faster than the national average of 18.2 Mbps.


Gizmodo looked at internet speeds from the past six months from over 5,600 cities that are represented in Ookla's Net Index, which tracks broadband statics. In the data, the blog noted a correlation between internet speed and average income of the cities. However, Eprahata sits as an outlier to this trend as it's median annual income is just under $40,000.


Spokane-Style Beer is Federally Approved

Spokane-Style Beer is Federally Approved

No-Li Brewhouse has been crafting beer in the Northwest since 1993. Their branding pays homage to their love of Spokane and the region. Now, No-Li has put Spokane on the map as a major force in the world of craft brews. Earlier this week No-Li announced that they have gotten federal approval for a new style of craft beer. Spokane-Style.


What makes a beer Spokane-Style? Well, first off it must be brewed and packaged in Spokane. But the origin of the beer goes beyond that. To be classified as Spokane-Style all the ingredients must come from within 300 miles of the city. Naturally, all of No-Li beers fall under the category of Spokane-Style.


No-Li attributes its close to home ingredients for driving its demand in other areas of the country. Whole Foods carries it in Washington D.C. and the largest liquor stores in Colorado have started selling the brand as well. No-Li is on tap both at Safeco Field and Century Link Field in Seattle.


Zags join Harlem Shake craze

Just as many thought the Harlem Shake craze was coming to an end, the Gonzaga men's basketball team gave it a gust of relevancy in the Inland Northwest.

On its way back from a WCC championship run in Las Vegas the Zags recorded their own Harlem Shake video with Naismith Award finalist Kelly Olynyk serving as the leader of the shake, (which, if you aren't familiar with the fad, is the guy who starts humping air first.)

"Don't care how late we are, had fun doing that video! lol #betterlatethannever," point guard Kevin Pangos tweeted.

The Zags did their shake on a plane, which has raised eyebrows before when a Colorado State student led the dance on a Frontier flight. The FAA said it would investigate that case, no word yet about the Zags' video.

This year's team is no stranger to the viral video: Guards Kevin Pangos, Kyle Dranginis, Drew Barham and Rem Bakamus made a popular trick shot video that is brought up during most Zag broadcasts.