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Photo Gallery | Two puppies rescued from Afghanistan need forever home

Two puppies rescued from Afghanistan are looking for a forever home after getting a rough start in life.

A humanitarian worker discovered the dogs, abandoned in a snow bank at just six weeks old. After two months of bouncing from shelter to shelter, she finally managed to get them back to the states.

She believes Coji and Panjab are five-month-old sisters and an afghan shepherd mix. They live with a foster family, but are in need of a permanent home, preferably together. Their foster family included a description along with the pictures:

Coji is a sweet, mischievous pup. I'd call her medium energy, but I'm not terribly familiar with dogs. She is more playful, and naughty, than Panjab. She would be a great dog for so many different types of families that it is hard to specify and type. I do feel if she is left on her own too much, she will chew someone out of house and home! She is the type of dog who will find a way to occupy herself, and likely will need an approved outlet for that curiosity. She is affectionate, but not overly so. I have a 15 month old, and the dogs have only knocked her over once. They are pretty gentle with her. They do, however, love to jump up on my 4 year old when they are excited. I would say if she goes to a home with young children, she will need someone who can train her well to behave around the little ones (and adults, of course). Despite her eagerness, I'd say she would be a great family dog. Generally they both calm and stop jumping after a couple minutes. I'm sure that is a lack of training on my part.

Panjab is my cuddle bug. She is a lower energy dog than Coji, but I'd still say medium energy. She loves attention and will snuggle up to me. She loves to have her belly and chin rubbed, then lay across my feet or legs. She also jumps up much less than Coji, so I think she could be in a home with much less training and still be a very well behaved dog. She is more introverted than Coji, but I think she is secretly the dominant one of the 2. When they play and she gets tired, she is quick to let Coji know she is done with a snarl and bark. Coji will often stand next to her in a way that seems she is asking forgiveness. I would almost describe Panjab as prim.

The dogs have been vaccinated, de-wormed, spayed and microchipped. They are very well socialized with kids, adults and other dogs. Currently the dogs live outside so they are not house trained, but they learn quickly and do well on a leash.

Anyone interested in adopting can contact Diane Morehouse at notabugant@gmail.com or on her cell phone, (509) 989-3611.

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